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The New York Times

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Breakfast Television Interview

Maxime Giroux's film "Felix et Meira" follows a young Hassidic wife and mother who is struggling with the traditions of her religion, and a French-Canadian man who has lost his way. Giroux joins us along with actor Luzer Twersky.

Filmmaker Maxime Giroux and actor Luzer Twersky chats with Montreal Gazette entertainment writer Brendan Kelly about the Quebec film Félix et Meira. It is about a Hassidic married woman who has an affair with a francophone guy who is not Jewish.(Marie-France Coallier / MONTREAL GAZETTE) Interview (Geneva, Switzerland)

A l'occasion de la sortie suisse de "Félix et Meira" de Maxime Giroux, CLAP.CH a eu la chance de rencontrer l'un des acteurs du film, Luzer Twersky, au bar du cinéma Les Scala de Genève.

Bergen Gazette (Bergen, Norway)

Coverage on the first live concert of "The Luzers".

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Showbiz Meets Shtetl: Helping Hollywood get Hasidim Right